Blog resurrection

The time has come! My blog had to be migrated to another platform, due multiple reasons (hosting, obsolete platform, ease of use etc.).
After a hour of browsing through Internet to see what will be the options, the decision had been made: I will use as a new platform GitHub Pages + Jekyll.
These are the facts that have determined me to make this decision:

Basically publishing a post will involve:

  1. Create a markup file
  2. Push it in the corresponding git repository

That’s it! And this is the exact flow I was looking for.
But as we all know there should be a catch, and here it is: Jekyll requires Ruby and other gem dependencies which require a Linux machine for being able to run without any problems a preview version of the blog on the local machine. Being a .Net developer it’s kinda equivalent with a PC fan and owner which will result in linux vs windows
Fortunately Microsoft implemented Linux Subsystem on Windows which works like a charm. I didn’t have any problems with installing all the prerequisites and running development server for Jekyll.

So now I have no excuse for not to blog!